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Applying to Enter the Doctorate Programme

Gaining admission to the doctorate programme requires rigorous preparation prior to submitting one's application. For most would-be PhD students, this preparation begins during the last year of the Master's, which is when one must begin the various necessary application procedures in order to properly prepare one's application dossier. The doctoral school will base its decision on this dossier. Below, you will find complete information on the different obligatory steps.

To be admitted to PhD programme you must have

  • A Master 2 degree or equivalent.
  • Chosen a thesis director and a thesis subject.
  • Sufficient funding.

Steps for applying to the PhD programme

To begin preparing your application dossier, you must first contact laboratories partnered with the doctoral school so as to find a thesis director who agrees to monitor and assist you throughout your doctoral studies. Your director will also help you define your thesis subject. In most cases, thesis subjects are proposed by the laboratories.

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You must locate funding equivalent to at least 80% of the SMIC (French minimum wage). In general, the research team proposing a thesis subject has made provision for funding.

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Once you have determined your thesis subject and found your thesis director, you may submit your application dossier to the doctoral school. The school bases its decision upon academic criteria (the applicant's level and motivation), as well as administrative criteria (the required degrees), notably in accordance with the Order of 7 August 2006.

The dossier must be sent to the doctoral school office and contain the following items:
- The registration dossier for your institution (Lyon 1, ECL, INSA or ENS)
- Your CV
- A summary of your thesis subject
- Your academic transcript(s)


If the applicant is admitted, he/she may then register, thereby completing the application process. Two registrations must be carried out: the applicant must register with the Materials Doctoral School, as well as with one of the institutions of higher education and research partnered with the doctoral school (Lyon 1, INSA, ENS or ECL). The thesis director assists the applicant in choosing the appropriate institution.

You will also pay your yearly registration fees to this institution, with the first payment of these fees signalling the start of your doctoral studies. In other words, you will have 3 years starting from this date to complete your PhD.

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