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The Career of a PhD Holder

Pursuing a "postdoc"


A postdoctoral job is a fixed-duration (3 years max) position that allows a young doctorate holder to lead research work different from that of his/her thesis, to increase his/her number of publications, and to diversify his/her CV, with a view to finding a position at a university, institute or business.

Public and private universities and research centres offer postdoc positions, publishing their offers on their websites.


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Becoming a teacher-researcher

Teacher-researchers carry out research while also teaching. To be able to teach, the PhD holder must have the status of a maître de conférence (equivalent to a senior lecturer or assistant professor). The French Ministry of Higher Education hires young doctorate holders as maîtres de conférences via competitive examinations.

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Becoming a researcher

  • In the public sector: Research institutes such as CNRS and INSERM recruit their chargés de recherche (state-employed research leaders) via competitive examination. These exams are held each year. To apply, you must hold a PhD degree or an equivalent foreign degree.
  • In the private sector: Companies, foundations (e.g., the Institut Pasteur), private care facilities (e.g., the Centre Léon Bérard) and associations also hire PhD holders for their scientific expertise and special skills. The private sector offers doctorate holders a wide range of professions, allowing them to widen their horizons. Recruitment methods vary from one organization to the next, though job offers are usually published on each organization's website.

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