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The Materials Doctoral School

The Materials Doctoral School gathers together many of the material engineering and sciences laboratories and researchers of the Lyon/Saint-Étienne region. Its objective is to offer PhD students top-quality training by and for research and to assist them in best preparing their professional future.

Relying on the activities of 8 research units recognized by CNRS (National Centre of Scientific Research), the Materials Doctoral School boasts a particularly rich, research-friendly environment. The school focuses on design, characterization and performance modelling of materials.

The school also benefits from the scientific resources and networks of INSA, ENS, the École Centrale and the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 to which it is attached, thereby allowing it to carry out its doctoral training in the very best conditions.

The Materials Doctoral School of Lyon is an especially dynamic institution relying on solid university-level training and the region's vibrant industrial fabric. Indeed, the region represents nearly 20% of the national materials industry (with Greater Lyon accounting for no less than 10%), including a very important plastics cluster.

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