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Offers of thesis and post docs

Thesis offers

You will find a PhD opportunity in atmospheric chemistry at INERIS
Subject : Molecular characterization of gaseous and particulate phases and understanding of primary and secondary biomass burning emission processes

You will find an offer for a PSL Ecole des Mines de Paris thesis (LTDS co-supervision)
Subject : Experimental study and modelling of wear and friction in metallic alloys (TA6V, 316L) under hydrogen conditions

You will find an offer for a CIFRE thesis NAVAL GROUP 2023 with co-supervision by "Centre des Matériaux des Mines de Paris & LTDS de l'École Centrale de Lyon".
Subject: "Experimental study and multiaxial modelling of fretting fatigue phenomena in hooped assemblies".
You will find a CIFRE offer transmitted by the company ECM, based in Grenoble in collaboration with the Institut Lumière Matière.
Subject: Development of a crystal growth process for large sapphire crystals from the liquid state

You will find two thesis offers at the CEA laboratory :

Subject: The physics of the interiors of super-Earths

Subject : Modelling Si/Ge spin quantum bits

You will find a thesis offer at the IMP laboratory:

Subject: Study of the interfacial properties of cellular polymer systems in a supercritical environment in the molten state

Post doc

Wooskill has a job offer for young doctors

Fibroline has a job offer for young doctors

Plastic Omnium has a job offer for young doctors and PhD students at the end of their thesis