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Prepare for the future

A doctorate is not just about research. It is also a time to take advantage of to prepare your future. The aim of this section is to give you some guidelines for building your own professional project.

As a first professional experience, the doctorate should be valued as such when looking for a job. At the end of his thesis work, he has a set of skills that can be transferred to new professional environments. We can note the publication in the official journal of the registration of the doctorate in the RNCP, with a list of skills (decree of 22 February 2019 defining the skills of doctoral graduates and registering the doctorate in the national directory of professional certification). These competences are multiple and can be expressed in different forms, for this purpose the following documents allow to deepen the subject as well as to personalize the approach.


Possible career paths

The possible careers for doctors are very diverse. In all fields, today's world is facing numerous challenges for which new approaches must be invented, explored or developed. Through their experience of conducting a research project, PhDs have acquired the ability to tackle complex problems, to manage uncertainty, to deal with a large number of stakeholders with diverse expectations, to act in changing environments, etc.
Thanks to their skills, PhDs are highly qualified professionals capable of disseminating the practice of research, innovation and the transmission of knowledge throughout the socio-economic fabric, in France and abroad, in the public, private and associative sectors, from start-ups to multinational companies, including public administrations and international NGOs. It should be remembered that under the new "Research Tax Credit" criteria, the employment of a young doctor is practically free for a company for the first two years if he or she carries out a research and development mission.
The field of possibilities is very open, but this does not mean that pursuing a career after a doctorate is without pitfalls. The first key to success lies in a well thought-out professional project, based on a good knowledge of the job market in its fields of activity.

Examples of possible career paths
  •     Post-doctorate
  •     Research engineer
  •     Teaching
  •     Creation of a company

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